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Cut Flowers

1. Sunflower F1 Junior
Pollen Free
with excellent golden yellow flowers
and a dark disc.


2. Sunflower F1 Junior
and Munchkin plugs at
two weeks, plants make excellent root balls for transplanting.


3. Sunflower F1 Junior
and Munchkin Jumbo
plugs ready to transplant
in just five weeks.


4. Root system of Sunflower
F1 Junior and Munchkin.


5. East to transplant Jumbo plugs direct into beds, containers or pots.


6. Sunflower F1 Junior
finished in a 13cm
(1 litre) pot.


7. Large finished plants of Sunflower F1 Munchkin in 5 litre (1 gallon) containers at local nursery.

Pots 'n' Plugs

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